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All bookings must be paid in full on time of booking.
When your booking has been paid and confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with the Glamping Meadows full terms and conditions.
* Flexible Rebooking Policy* In the event of cancellation due to Coronavirus restrictions or for self-isolation, the customer has the flexibility to move the booking to alternative available dates within 12 months of the start date of their holiday with no additional charges.

We have a 2 night minimum stay policy so please bear that in mind whilst booking. All bank holidays in the 2022 season will be minimum stay 2 nights. Off peak will be a minimum stay of 2 nights. Group booking - If you are looking to book multiple tents or you are interested in booking the whole site for exclusive use please get in contact with us before booking.
Any questions, please do give us a call on 07507722406

Why come to glamping Meadows!

You don’t have to be an expert!  Camping isn’t always as easy as just packing a tent and a sleeping bag. You need to know how to put up your tent, have remembered stuff like a gas stove and canister so you can eat and your roll mat to make it a little bit more comfortable. With glamping you don’t have to buy additional equipment and you don’t need to put a tent up and try and stamp a peg into the ground with your foot because you’ve forgotten your hammer. All that hard work is done for you here with us. Simply show up, sit back, and enjoy the simplicity of being outdoors.
Time to digital detox & relax! Switch off your phones and unplug, try it for a few days you know what? you will love it... That’s the best part. When there’s no phone or internet online you’ll find yourself leaving your phone at the bottom of your bag all but forgotten for the weekend. When that happens you’ll realise you find yourself relaxing. No temptation to check your work emails or see how many likes your latest snap on instagram has. All that stuff doesn’t matter when you’re out glamping.
Stay in beautiful places! If you’ve ever looked into glamping before you’ll know that they’re always based in some of the most incredible destinations in the UK. Our location Wales is a magical place with endless green fields, magnificent mountains and hundreds of pretty castles everywhere. Our beautiful coastlines and rolling welsh hills are breathtaking. The Vale Of Glamorgan is a great place to visit, many famous faces reside in the area such as the legendary actor Sir Anthony Hopkins who lives just a stones throw away from our Glamping meadows site also the welsh football hero Gareth Bale. They are both often spotted in our local shops.

Watching the night sky!
The best thing about spending a night glamping has to be the chance to see the night stars. If you’ve been in the city for a while you’ve probably forgotten how dark it actually gets in the countryside allowing you to actually spot stars, satellites and, if you’re lucky, a shooting star up above. Book direct with us today to start your glamping adventure.

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